2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
    Oct 07, 2022  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Officers and Administrative Staff


Office of the President

Bob Brower, Ph.D.

Randolph M. Ataide, J.D.
Executive Director, Fermanian Business and Economic Institute

Ronald E. Fay
Director, Church Relations

Norman V. Shoemaker
Director, Center for Pastoral Leadership

Academic Affairs

Kerry D. Fulcher, Ph.D.
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

H. Ruth Toews Heinrichs
Director, Institutional Effectiveness

College Deans

Kathryn G. McConnell
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Holly M. Irwin-Chase
Dean, College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies

Vice Provosts

Margaret T. Bailey
Vice Provost for Program Development and Accreditation

Mark E. Pitts
Vice Provost for Academic Administration

External Relations

Joseph E. Watkins, III, Ph.D.
Vice President for External Relations

Michele L. Corbett
Director, Marketing and Creative Services

Megan J. Ekard
Director of Community Outreach and Governmental Relations

Associate Vice President for University Advancement

Scott N. Shoemaker
Associate Vice President for Enrollment

Sheryl B. Smee
Director, Alumni Relations

Finance and Administrative Services

George R. Latter, Jr., M.B.A.
Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services

Julie A. Alexander
Director, Auxiliary Services

Jim Bergherm
Director, Accounting

Cindy T. Chappell
Associate Vice President for Finance

Joyce Falk
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Sam Young
Chief Information Officer

Gary Jones
Interim Director, Campus Facilities and Sustainability

Spiritual Development

Mary R. Paul, D.Min.
Vice President for Spiritual Development

Brian Becker
Director, International Ministries

Mark A. Carter
Director, Chaplain Ministries and University Chaplain

Sylvia L. Cortez
Director, Discipleship Ministries

Becky R. Modesto
Director, Community Ministries

George J. Williamson
Director, Worship Ministries

Student Development

Caye Barton Smith, Psy.D.
Vice President for Student Development

Jeffrey D. Carr, Sr.
Associate Vice President for Student Development and Chief Diversity Officer

Kimberly J. Bogan
Director, Academic Advising

Jeff A. Bolster
Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life

Mark W. Galbraith
Director, Public Safety

Ethan Hamilton
Director, Athletics

James C. Coil
Director, Wellness Center

Centers and Institutes

Robert C. Gailey, Ph.D., Director
Center for International Development

James F. Gates, Ph.D., Director
Center for Justice and Reconciliation

Jo Clemmons, Ed.D., Director
Center for Teaching and Learning

Norman V. Shoemaker, D.Min., Director
Center for Pastoral Leadership

Susan D. Rogers, M.A., Academic Director
Michelle Groves, M.A., Site Director
Early Childhood Learning Center

Randolph M. Ataide, J.D., Director
Fermanian Business and Economic Institute

Mary Margaret Rowe, M.S.N., R.N., FNP, Director
Health Promotion Center (School of Nursing)

Linda M. Beail, Ph. D., Director
Margaret Stevenson Center for Women’s Studies

Mark H. Mann, Ph. D., Director
Wesleyan Center for 21st Century Studies