Spring 2020 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
    Oct 05, 2022  
Spring 2020 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CIT 1041 - Intermediate Excel


This course is an independent study, self‐paced, competency based course designed for students who wish to develop a deeper knowledge of MS Excel functionality.   The course will expand upon basic spreadsheet functions  and introduce topics such as cell validation, advanced cell  formatting, conditional functions, goal seek, pivot tables, multi‐sheet functions, and other advanced topics.   Students will complete knowledge assessment through hands‐on simulation labs and online exams.  A faculty advisor provides support and accountability in completing the requirements of the course.  Although the course is self‐paced, a minimum amount of progress must be made each week and all course requirements must be completed within assigned course time.

Prerequisite(s): A working knowledge of MS Excel that includes the use of cell entry, formatting, and use of common functions.

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