Spring 2021 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
    Dec 01, 2022  
Spring 2021 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ATR 6093 - Clinical Practicum I


This course is the fourth of five required athletic training clinical education courses. Athletic training students will be evaluated on clinical integration proficiency of knowledge, skills, and abilities including: clinical assessment, diagnosis and therapeutic intervention of the upper extremity, head, neck, thorax and patients with common illnesses; psychosocial motivational strategies; recognition and referral of mental health disorders; and professional communication and documentation strategies. Additionally, students will be expected to build upon their acquired knowledge to actively engage in facilitated integration of skills and abilities covered in the curriculum. Students will be assigned to clinical education experiences under the direct supervision of a preceptor. Students will explore evidence-based practice and reflect upon their clinical experiences to facilitate critical thinking and clinical decision making skills development.

Pre or Corequisite(s): ATR 6092  

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