2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Dec 02, 2022  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

ADT Certification

Date of completion will be posted on official transcript or verification document needs to be signed by the sending community college.

Grade Requirement

All grades in the ADT (GE and major pre) must be a C or above. Lower grades may be transferred for elective credit only.

Unit Guarantee

The ADT is comprised of a minimum of 60 units at the junior college level. ADT students are guaranteed to complete their bachelor’s degree within 68 units (70 maximum) at PLNU.

Transfer Evaluation

With ADT certification, lower division GE will be satisfied (see exceptions below). Transfer equivalencies will be stretched to match IGETC of CSU GE areas.

Remaining GE for ADT Students

Religion: BIB (2-3 units) and Upper Division THE/CHU (3 units)

Upper Division Literature (3 units)

Foreign Language (8 units) *

       * possible transfer

Total: 16-17 units GE

Participating Majors:

Chemistry, B.S.  

Child and Adolescent Development, B.A.  

History, B.A.  

Literature, B.A.  

Multimedia Journalism, B.A.  

Mathematics, B.A. for Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Students  

Music, B.A.  

Philosophy, B.A.  

Physics, B.A. for Associate Degree Transfer (ADT) Students  

Political Science, B.A.  

Social Work, B.A.  

Sociology, B.A.  

Visual Arts, B.A.