2012-13 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Oct 07, 2022  
2012-13 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Music

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The mission of the Department of Music is to pursue musical excellence within a community of grace. The department seeks to develop 1) leaders in education, composition, performance, and worship, 2) life-long participants in music who are critical thinkers, discerning listeners, creative composers, skilled performers, and worshipful servants of Jesus Christ, and 3) an atmosphere that fosters individual and corporate growth, high performance standards, community service, the spirit of Christ, and worship and praise.

Tradition of Excellence

For many years, the Department of Music has been recognized for the quality of its programs. In addition, the Department of Music has achieved accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Faculty members are performing artists who frequently give recitals, serve as guest conductors, clinicians, or adjudicators and compose or arrange for publication. As a result of the faculty’s professional guidance, students are encourage on toward successful careers.

Career Opportunities

At PLNU, every student is assured of many performance opportunities through the university’s performing ensembles. Point Loma music ensembles travel all over the world in addition to performing in churches throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Students are actively involved in church music programs in the San Diego area as directors, soloists, worship leaders, and instrumentalists. Point Loma graduates are sought after by schools, churches, and businesses because of the university’s academic reputation. A number of graduates go directly into teaching positions and many are involved in church music as full-time music ministers. During the past two decades, students have been accepted into graduate schools such as USC, Indiana University, University of Missouri, University of Illinois, Arizona State University, San Diego State University, and many others. Several graduates have been successful in writing music for television and films, and in music publishing and music editing.


Generous scholarships in music are available to students. These are given on the basis of auditions and are renewable. Applications may be secured through the department office at 619-849-2445.

Performing Ensembles

PLNU offers a full range of performing ensembles, including Choral Union, Concert Choir, Point Loma Singers, Chorale, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, String Quartet, Concert Band, Handbell Choir, Jazz Band, and Chamber Orchestra. Each music major participates in at least one of these groups. Many students from other departments also participate.

Private Instruction

Course numbers for each of the performing areas are given by year in the following table:

1st Year
2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Private Voice
MUA 155  MUA 255  MUA 355  MUA 455 
Private Piano
MUA 156  MUA 256  MUA 356  MUA 456 
Private Organ
MUA 157  MUA 257  MUA 357  MUA 457 
Private Harpsichord
MUA 158  MUA 258  MUA 358  MUA 458 
Private Violin
MUA 159  MUA 259  MUA 359  MUA 459 
Private Viola
MUA 160  MUA 260  MUA 360  MUA 460 
Private Violoncello
MUA 161  MUA 261  MUA 361  MUA 461 
Private String Bass
MUA 162  MUA 262  MUA 362  MUA 462 
Private Guitar
MUA 163  MUA 263  MUA 363  MUA 463 
Private Harp
MUA 164  MUA 264  MUA 364  MUA 464 
Private Flute
MUA 165  MUA 265  MUA 365  MUA 465 
Private Oboe
MUA 166  MUA 266  MUA 366  MUA 466 
Private Clarinet
MUA 167  MUA 267  MUA 367  MUA 467 
Private Saxophone
MUA 168  MUA 268  MUA 368  MUA 468 
Private Bassoon
MUA 169  MUA 269  MUA 369  MUA 469 
Private Trumpet
MUA 170  MUA 270  MUA 370  MUA 470 
Private Trombone
 MUA 171  MUA 271  MUA 371  MUA 471 
Private French Horn
MUA 172  MUA 272  MUA 372  MUA 472 
Private Euphonium
MUA 173  MUA 273  MUA 373  MUA 473 
Private Tuba
MUA 174  MUA 274  MUA 374  MUA 474 
Private Percussion
MUA 175  MUA 275  MUA 375  MUA 475 


William P. Clemmons, Ph.D., Co-chair
City University of New York

John W. Dally, Jr. , M.M.
Sam Houston State University

Daniel S. Jackson, D.W.S., Co-chair
Institute for Worship Studies

John Craig Johnson, D.M.A.
University of Southern California

Paul S. Kenyon, D.M.A.
Michigan State University

Victor K. Labenske, D.M.A.
University of Southern California

Keith E. Pedersen, D.M.A.
University of Illinois

Juliette C. Singler, D.M.A.
Claremont Graduate School

Philip W. Tyler, D.Mus.
Florida State University



     Point Loma Nazarene University offers four baccalaureate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), the Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.), the Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.). Many of the 50+ major programs also offer in-depth concentrations.

    If a second major area of study is desired, all requirements for both majors must be met with a minimum of 24 units distinguishing the two areas of study. While working on a single baccalaureate degree, the maximum number of pursuits is two majors and two minors.

    Students should review the majors and minors list in the catalog.


     Optional minors are offered in several schools and departments. The requirements governing minors are as follows:

    • Only minors that appear in the student’s catalog of record may be earned at the point of graduation;
    • A minor is at least 16 units and is under the direct auspices of the respective school/department;
    • Students must earn a 2.000 cumulative GPA in the minor for it to be granted;
    • The minor must show a minimum of nine (9) units in residence;
    • Of the 16+ units in the minor, nine (9) must be distinct from and not counted in the major;
    • Of the 16+ units in the minor, 12 must be at the upper-division level;
    • The pass/no credit option is not available for courses within the minor; and
    • A second minor, when feasible, requires a minimum of nine (9) units distinct from and not counted either in the major or in the first minor.


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