2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Sep 30, 2022  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Systems (Fermanian School of Business), B.S.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program in Information Systems will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate general knowledge of theories and practices in the core areas of business. 
  2. Critically analyze and apply business knowledge to solve complex business situations.
  3. Demonstrate effective business communication through both written and verbal means. 
    1. Students will be able to speak about their work with precision, clarity and organization
    2. Students will be able to write about their work with precision, clarity and organization
    3. Students will be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use and cite information for the task at hand.
  4. Formulate decisions informed by ethical attitudes and values.
  5. Collaborate effectively in teams.
  6. Write correct and robust software.
  7. Analyze the interaction between hardware and software.
  8. Apply critical thinking, technical and information systems knowledge to solve problems.
  9. Understand and create arguments supported by quantitative evidence.
  10. Demonstrate knowledge of information systems and be prepared for careers that use information systems, and graduate study in fields related to information systems.

Total: 34 Units

Total: 34 Units

Major Total: 68 Units


  • Cross-cultural experience. 
  • PHL 211 Ethics (GE) (3)   
  • While not a required class for the major, ISS 324 Software Engineering (4)   is recommended. 



  • MTH144 or MTH164 may substitute for MTH173. MTH144, MTH164 or MTH173 fulfills the General Education Problem Solving requirement. 
  • ECO101 and ECO102 may substitute for ECO100. ECO100, ECO101 or ECO102 fulfills the General Education Social World requirement. 
  • PHL211 fulfills the General Education Philosophy requirement. 

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